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Employee Communication

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Transform drab employee bulletin boards into informative employee communication digital signage displays by integrating employee announcements, employee recognition messages, and promoting in-house events. Recognize employees and departments, while honoring those that are reaching career milestones. 

Any designated individual can instantly update the display network on a monthly, weekly, or every hourly basis. Multiple user access allows authorized staff to distribute tasks of designing and updating the display for example: HR handling benefits, Risk Management looks over safety, and Corporate management in-house promotional content.

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Software Features

  • Full HD networkable signage system
  • Internal solid-state storage
  • Display web-pages and weather feeds
  • User-defined screen layouts
  • RSS feeds, scrolling text, & clock
  • Day-parting & scheduled playback
  • Real-time device monitoring
  • Remote management over the internet

What is included?

  • Mvix signage system
  • XhibitSignage: Cloud-based CMS
  • HDMI cable
  • Power cable
  • CAT5 network cable
  • AC Power adapter
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Xhibit Lite


  • Xhibit Plus


  • Turnkey Signage Kit

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Xhibit Lite
Xhibit Plus
Turnkey Signage Kit
Cloud Software (CMS) FREE | Included FREE | Included FREE | Included
Display Resolution Full HD | 1080p 1080p (HD) Full HD | 1080p
Network Connectivity Wired | Wireless-N Wired | Wireless-N Wired | Wireless-N
Connect to screen via HDMI HDMI HDMI
Screen Layouts    max 4 zones upto 6 zones 4 | upto 20 zones
Screen Orientation Landscape | Portrait Landscape | Portrait Landscape | Portrait
Live TV | Video Input
Professional Templates
Display Screen
Mounting Bracket | Screen
Multi-user Management   
Brochure Download | PDF Download | PDF Download | PDF
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How it works?


Connect the system to the display screen and to the internet.


Login to www.xhibitsignage.com, and upload media.


Schedule media playlists to individual devices or as a group.


Xhibit will download and display the media playlist as scheduled.

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