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Mvix Elite is an affordable digital signage system with HDMI offering HD 720p/1080i crystal clear picture quality for educating and informing the audience. It is designed to operate in single office locations, trade-show events (product video displays), real-estate marketing and small cafes and fast-food restaurants. The Elite is a super compact, extremely light-weight device ideally used for small-to-medium scale installations with limited budgets.


  • Auto-start, Auto-play | Pre-scheduled
  • No networking required
  • Continuous playback of images & videos
  • Ideal for: small cafes, offices, & more
  • No servers or software required
  • Flexible media playback
  • Upload, select and animate images
  • Pre-configured for auto-playback

What is included?

  • Mvix Elite signage system
  • Remote Control
  • HDMI cable | 5ft
  • Wireless antenna
  • CAT5 network cable
  • AC Power adapter
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty: 1-year

Pre-configured Setup

Mvix Elite comes pre-configured for an auto-playback mode plus it auto-detects NTSC and/or PAL display systems for flexible media playback.?

HDMI connections allow ease of broadcasting media content on LCD TVs.?The in-built timer allows start and stop-time scheduling making it a perfect stand-alone system. All content is stored on a USB stick where you can transfer your media content & insert it into the unit.

Versatile Compatibility

Mvix Elite is compatible with a wide variety of media formats (JPEG, MP3, MPEG 1/2/4) for image, slideshow, web-pages, and video playback.?

Elite offers a simple setup process which can be configured for use on Horizontal or Vertical TVs.?It's extremely compact form factor decreases setup time and cost. Apart from its ease of use, the Elite eliminates the need for networking, servers, and costly installations.

How it works?


Connect Elite to the display screen via the HDMI cable (included).


Connect to the internet (router or network switch) via the network cable.


Go to www.SignageCreator.com. Choose a template, click edit, customize and publish.


Schedule the template to the device (screen) to show one menu throughout the day.


Want to change prices? text or images? Simply login to your account, edit the template and hit save. Its that simple.

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